Day 78: Organizing

I hate these things and have never found a good way to keep them organized. Every time I open this cabinet it makes me want to throw them all away and never save any leftovers again. I've actually done this at least twice in the last few years. It's too bad I use these sorts of containers multiple times a day.
Every drawer and cabinet in my house is scary. Scary in a disorganized-and-stuffed-full-of-all-sorts-of-misplaced-random-things sort of way so that when you open any door or drawer stuff pours out...like some bad sitcom gag. Since I can't seem to ever get it all organized my new plan is to make everyone clean out one drawer every day. It seems like a great solution.

The problem with the plan is that Israel isn't often here for me to remind him to do his and Dev doesn't participate in things like this and Zoran is so stressed out by details that it ends up being more work for me than just doing it because I have to help him get everything right. And then there is Azia. She hates cleaning and isn't clean nor organized and has no interest in making things around her that way. She does like building things that look cool, but when she's done I bet she just shoves everything back in much in the same way it was. Actually, I doubt she'll put anything back at all. She'll probably wander away when she gets bored with the stacking.

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