Snowman Making

 When we first had the big piles and piles of snow right before Thanksgiving we started reading all the winter books and books about snow and snowman making. Lex loved the idea. I always forgot when you've only been around a few years so many things are new. He'd never made a snowman before. I don't think he even remembered anyone else making a snowman.

He's been asking to make a snowman for about a month now, but the timing never seems to be right. Either it's so cold the snow won't pack or so warm it's melting to slush and won't pack. Or, it's still falling from the sky and there isn't any on the ground yet to roll into snowman pieces.

Yesterday, he finally got his snowman.

 For not having any prior snowman-making experience, he had a pretty good idea about all the steps involved.
 He did a lot of snowball rolling.

 He went and got rocks from the driveway for the eyes and mouth and Azia helped him get some celery (we were out of carrots) for the nose. He picked out some sticks for arms and had a lot of fun putting them in repeatedly. He couldn't wait till we had it all assembled.

Since all the kids are still on their winter break they were around to help. Trance and Zoran helped a lot. Azia rolled one of the balls about3 times and then went off to make her own mini-snowman. Her new winter Moxie girl needed some snow props. 

 Admiring his finished work. (Mr. Snowman is a Redsox fan.)

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  1. wow, so many great shots! but i do especially love the first shot of feet. and i'm so curious about the project with clothespins...