Day 79: Lazy no-school days

My kids don't really seem to miss school much. For the most part they don't mind going.  Every single day Zoran does count down days till the weekend, or the next break, or how many weekend days he has left, but he's done this since day one of kindergarten so I'm choosing to believe he just likes counting. They do however, hate days when they don't have anyone over. There are hardly any of those days. Ever. And there are a half a dozen people here without any extra kids so you'd think that would be enough, but they are still excited every day when people show up and they have someone (besides each other I guess) to hang out with.

Today they started the day with some sewing (for the girls) and violent warfare video games (for the boys). My mom stopped by at this point and noticed how well we are reinforcing some stereotypical gender roles here.

I also have an older son, but I shouldn't be allowed to supervise him when I have all these other kids here (younger three wild boys not pictured because they are not allowed to be in the room where cutting and crafting is happening) because we are all busy and going full speed by 8am and I forget he is here. For hours.

I remembered to wake him up a few minutes before noon today.

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