Day 64: My Family Hates Posed Photos.

I thought it would be nice to take a photo of everyone to put on a Christmas card since we didn't ever seem to get any of us all together this year. Unfortunately, my family cannot stand to have photos taken. It was already an awful and torturous thing just to ask them to all sit in one place. Azia told me it was soooo boring (before Israel & Dev even got in the room) and she had to get her computer. Israel also thought it was much too boring to stand in one place and told me his legs got really, really tired just standing around so long. (This "so long" was very close to 2.5 minutes).  Zoran is always mad because something is always going wrong. This may be the only photo of the dozen or so we took where he is not turned around with his back to the camera pouting. Lex generally just runs away. Dev gets mad immediately and yells at everyone. (See previously listed children's behavior.) Just getting them in one place was hard enough. We didn't do so well with the appropriate attire. Israel was too tired to change out of his nap clothes, but he did wear festive slippers. Zoran and Lex wouldn't leave shirts on at all. Azia's always ready to get dressed up, but she was too distracted by the computer to rip off the tag hanging from her sleeve. And Lex did actually decide to sit still for a few moments here...so he could unzip his pants and see what's inside. Yes, I think we've found our holiday card.

Merry Christmas everyone.

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