Day 65: Our First Fake Tree

In general I think artificial Christmas trees are sort of wrong for my family. We live in Montana in the middle of all kinds of trees and I have all these boys that like to cut things down and the real trees smell so good and Christmas-like, but....I like shiny, glittery things. I've thought the pure white or silver trees (which really aren't tree-like at all) were kind of cool for awhile. After Christmas last year I got this one for $4.50. It's not exactly pure white or pure silver, but it was only $4.50. The little boys and I put it up this morning and my $4.50 tree took about 4.5 minutes to assemble. I plugged it in & it was full of lights and completely perfectly shaped. At least I now understand some of the appeal. I put all the homemade ornaments I make each year for the kids on it. The boys added some candy canes & I have to admit I do like it.

Still, I don't think our real tree will be going away anytime soon. When I told Zoran we were putting up the fake tree he cried. He thought it was some sort of punishment. So, first we put up the giant 15ft one in the other room--messy needles and all. It took us a few hours to get inside and standing up and covered in lights. It took a while longer to get it decorated.

But it sure makes the house feel like Christmas.

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