Day 66: Lex & the ipod

Lex is obsessed with my ipod. He just started watching TV last month and now he has a few movies and TV shows that he really likes. Generally, TV watching isn't something I encourage, but I've decided I might encourage Lex to like sitting around and watching TV so as to lessen the amount of time he is busy destroying things. It's like midnight, but if he sits here quietly beside me for one more hour I just might get all my grading for the quarter finally finished and final grades entered. And my house will not be burned down while I do it. And yes it is nearly midnight and my 3-year-old is still awake because he rarely sleeps. He'll be back up at 8:00 and going strong till 10:00pm if he doesn't sneak in an evening nap. If he does...well who knows.

He will break my ipod.

Hopefully not tonight. Hopefully not ever, but I suspect it's only a matter of time. He breaks everything. Logically this means I shouldn't let him mess with it, but I figure it we can hold out for a few months, the amount of work I can get done each night from midnight to two in the morning with him laying here beside me might more than pay for a new one.

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