Day 51: Where Lex sits in a tiny chair right in front of me for a good part of the afternoon so he can't destroy anything else for a few moments

Lex loves to wreck things lately. (Smash, crash, slice, chop, stomp, throw... and I'm positive he'd burn things too if he had access to fire.) He reads books normally till I turn my back and then he rips out all the pages. No photos, DVD inserts, magazines or any other paper products are safe. He will tear them up into as many small little pieces as he can until someone comes to find him wherever he is hiding.  Last week he sliced up the leather ottoman with scissors (which he returned to the drawer when he finished) and a few days ago he cut holes in the leather couch. Today he took his giant Buzz Lightyear guy (who is the same size he is) and swung him into the wall smashing all the sheetrock off and exposing the metal corner piece for about a foot and a half section of the wall. Israel caught him and pulled him away as he was winding up for another swing.  I wish he'd become interested in using all the equipment he can find to build and assemble things rather then breaking everything to pieces. I may have to sell him to repair everything he's destroyed.


  1. Is he somewhere in the 3 range? I finished vacuuming and mopping the floor only to turn the corner and find that my 3 year old had dumped an entire box of frosted mini-wheats in the hallway and walked through them until the contents were spread EVERYWHERE! And then had the nerve to smile at me like I should be proud of what he'd just done.

    And of course the dogs were in no way, shape or form interested in helping me clean up.

  2. Yes 3 exactly. Such a fun age isn't it? ;) Your story sounds like an all-too-familiar every day occurrence these days!