Day 50: Just a bit of snow

Anyone want to come over for a nice picnic on the deck? Our barbecue and chairs are under there somewhere!

The snow has been coming down since last night and it's really starting to build up. No one was out plowing until about 5am and I don't think the county plows ever got out. I was surprised we didn't have any car wrecks but the roads are so bad the ambulance has been stuck three times in the last 12 hours. (Like stuck enough it needed a tow truck to get it out.) Luckily all those patients were stable and none of those call needed an immediate departure. But I really don't like driving anywhere without four-wheel-drive in weather like this.

The kids are just bummed because we aren't going to go cut our Christmas tree today, since even if we made it into the woods the chances aren't great we'd get out.

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