Day 49: Woody & Buzz return

These giant Toy Story characters were Israel's big Christmas present when he was about two and obsessed with Toy Story.  I remember being really excited because I didn't have very much money and I found them really cheap and I knew he'd like them. He wasn't yet two when he saw the movie but when people would ask him his name (or if he even knew his name) his favorite answer was "My name is Buzz Lightyear. I come in peace!" I didn't have any other children yet so I didn't understand why everyone was so shocked at my little one-year-old answering questions in full sentences and impersonating animated characters.  Michael teased me that it was nice I'd bought my little boy some friends...they were about the same size he was. They hung around for a quite a few years but 3-4 years ago when I was once again cleaning out the toys for some reason I shoved them in the shed instead of just taking them to the folkshop. Lex must have been the reason. They just released the new Toy Story this summer and we got the DVD last month and Lex has been obsessed. It's the first movie he's actually ever watched. Now he wants to watch it all the time. When I was getting Christmas decorations out I remembered these guys were still in the shed. I washed them up and the boys have been having quite a lot of fun. Lex and Buzz have been flying tandem all around the house today.

(And why after more than a decade can I still not ever get their names right the first time? I'm always calling them Buddy and Wuzz.)

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