Spring at the Bison Range

 I didn't ever have time to write anything about our annual Spring Bison Range Picnic a few weeks ago.

Keilana, Maysa, Jenna, Azia & KaNana

But the pictures are saved here, and luckily, I think they tell most of the important parts of the day without adding many words.

We really have quite a large group when all the cousins are together.

Zoran. . .


Courtney had her own method of kite flying:

Eldon & Aodhan
Iyezk & Zoran and a little teamwork. (Gwen found this hat for Zoran in her car after he crashed into a tree and got a huge nearly golf ball size bump on his forehead. He was really upset and just wanted to go sit in the car. I asked him if he was upset because it really hurt or because he was worried about how he looked. (It is a real issue for Zoran) He told me both. So, the black hat solved the issue at least enough to enjoy the rest of the afternoon.
Lex, Sugar makes him happy. ESPECIALLY marshmallows. One of his all-time favorites.
Azia and a very giant marshmellow.
The walk around the pond. Lex is still the worst person ever to hike/ walk with. He has his own agenda for speed, direction, and duration of the outing. None of it matches anyone else's, and he gets really annoyed if you don't go along.  I was thinking as we were all walking this was the first time I can remember we didn't have any strollers. (Everyone is getting bigger. . .)

But maybe I should have brought one and strapped him in!

About 1/3 the cousins. Some we were off on an adventure.  Others were working hard not to be found. 
It's fun (or maybe a little sad. . .) to look back and see how much everyone has grown over the last few years.

Bryce and Zoran. They ran laps around the pond the whole time and couldn't be bothered to stop for a photo. I think this was lap number five.

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