104: Just the Girls

I had EMT training in Kalispell this weekend so everyone came up yesterday night to hang out in the pool and enjoy the hotel, but then all the boys headed home. These two stayed the rest of the weekend with me.

It's very different than hanging out with all the boys.

I realized when I came back to the room to check in on them they'd  covered both beds with zebra blankets and pink throw pillows. (And somehow between them they had two zebra blankets and an abundance of pink throw pillows along for the weekend road trip.) I kept noticing things around the room: fingernail polish (and fake nails), fuzzy slippers, robes. . . When we left for dinner they were both wearing colorful skirts, Jenna with knee-high lace up converse and Azia with roller skates.

They giggle an awful lot.

We were a little disappointed that the roller rink was closed for some auction tonight, but that just meant more pool time, so it wasn't all bad.

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