Day 173: Lex & Aodhan

Lately Lex has been turning into the big kid around here rather than being the little brother like he has been for most of his life. I forget that he's always been the smallest until moments where I realize he's not really babyish at all anymore and is always the one in charge and giving orders and deciding what the whole group of little boys will do. (Okay, part of that is probably personality, but part is being the oldest now, too.) Today it was just him and Aodhan all afternoon. He sort of likes it when Aodhan follows him around and wants to do whatever he does. He even gave him the comb so he could have his hair fixed like Lex's. But he didn't like it when he keep stealing his markers or drawing on his artwork or destroying the tower he was making with blocks. These sorts of problems that come up when dealing with younger siblings (or cousins) are all new territory for Lex.

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