Day 172: constant chaos (of the tiny and happy variety)

This is why I don't get much done during the day.

Even the simplest tasks (like trying to fold a blanket and put it in a box) become cumbersome and complicated when two kids want to dance on the blanket and a third wants to ride in the box and needs a push from a fourth and yet another is on my shoulders because whenever I sit on the floor what I'm clearly saying without needing to speak a word is: I want everyone to climb on me now! Right now! Hurry, before I think about getting up!

I'm annoyed by how maddening this all is.  And then my runaway box (turned indoor sled) that I'd been crawling after with a three-year-old still attached to my back crashes into the superhero who turned my blanket into a cape and suddenly I'm at the bottom of a pile of hysterically giggling little boys who seem to think an old box and a new blanket are the best toys ever. 

Really, as far as problems go, this constant state of chaos and lack of productivity is a pretty great one to have.

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  1. I love this--it captures parenting young children so well (it still counts as parenting when you watch them that much even if technically they don't belong to you, right?) Doug's brother (who is childless) was at our house several months ago and laid down on the floor to get at the DVD player, and was, of course, instantly attacked. He bellowed, "Why are you all climbing on me?!" When I said, "Because you're on the floor," he just looked at me like I was making no sense.