Day 171: Azia & her dangerous decorating

After more than a month as a disaster zone, Azia finally got her room cleaned up a few days ago (with way too many hours of my help). And then I noticed today she was already starting the "decorating" again. It looks like she simply hasn't got around to putting away her Easter dress. I know better.

Azia has a hard time keeping her room tidy. As much as she enjoys it when it's clean, it's just very against her nature to keep it that way. In addition to her problem of sometimes throwing most of the clothes she owns on the floor when deciding to get dressed and also liking to work on huge craft projects much more than picking up any of the supplies related to those projects, Azia also likes to tie and hang random objects she finds interesting all around the room: toys, favorite articles of clothing, any of those art projects she's always creating, garbage found on the way home from school...anything really.  Doing this with one or two things wouldn't be so bad, but like everything Azia does, it can easily get out of control. Once she took all Zoran's shoe laces out of his shoes to tie all his little matchbook cars from the underside of his loft bed. It was like a giant fleet of flying cars. Another time she took all his hangers out of his closet and hung them underneath this same bed instead. I guess it was more interesting to have all the clothes in full view. She once covered her entire room in glitter. She was so excited to show me how it flew up everywhere when she jumped on her bed. She was trying to recreate the effect she liked & had seen in one of the little snowglobes we had out for Christmas.

She is getting a little less destructive as she get older, but the same tendencies are still there. When we were cleaning this time it took me about a half an hour to unhook and untie all the random coin purses and fake flowers and barbie parts and feather boas from out of all the holes she'd discovered in each of the different branches of her floor lamp. A few months ago she used all her dresses (pinned and safety pinned and knotted together) to make a new sort of curtain for her canopy bed...much more interesting than the boring black one I got for her. 

I hung this dress back in the closet before she got inspired again.

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