You Capture: Vibrance

Sunrise through the livingroom window: 3-23-2011
 I loved the idea of this topic and then realized tonight I hadn't taken any photos for it. But, in looking through the photos I did take of the last week, much of it seemed pretty vibrant.

The kids spending more and more time outside in sunny weather getting ready for spring sports:
(And maybe this week we'll actually find all the right equipment!)

A whole evening of writers (mainly high school students) preforming their slam poetry:

Loved the vibrance of this high school football player/ poet
 An afternoon with friends to celebrate a ninth year:

An afternoon of international food and culture:

Lex at the University of Montana's 20th Annual International Food & Cultural Festival

And the destructive and beautiful vibrant power of fire:



  1. These are all simply awesome. I love the sunrise. You have a great view from your window!

  2. I love the last shot. I capture many of those being that the hubs sees them often. It is oddly beautiful but saddening at the same time

  3. gorgeous sunset pic! i'm going to include it in my round up of You Capture faves tomorrow at 5:00EST, check it out! :)