180: Bozeman Blast

Azia still likes playing a little bit of everything. Mainly she pitches and catches at this point (and jumps back to shortstop occasionally, too). In the next couple years all the girls will probably settle into one position, and I'm kind of curious where she'll end up. Of course it's fun for me to watch her catch, but she doesn't really love it so I doubt she'll end up there. She's loved short stop for the past few years and that meshes well with her liking to cover most of the field, but this year she's decided she really likes pitching. I'm not sure if she's up for putting in all the extra time she'd need to put in to really excel there.

This tournament when they played the really strong Great Falls team her and a couple other of the main infielders moved to the outfield since that's where the entire opposing team was hitting, and we needed strong fielders with good arms out there. And, she loves that too. I hadn't realized before that how stressful it is for me when she's pitching or even catching. She's usually involved in every single play that happens--for good or bad-- and she is still so hard on herself when things don't go perfectly. I think turning her into a center fielder might be good for my relaxation. :)

I do love that she loves the game so much she really doesn't care where she plays. She enjoys every position, and is always ready to play wherever her team needs her. We were talking about what she wanted to do next year for summer league and where the best place to play would be for her while still taking into account everything else the rest our family has going on. When I asked her what she wanted to do she said, "I don't really care. I just want to play." I think it's that sort of attitude that really makes me want to figure out how to make it work for her.

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