181: Lewis & Clark Caverns

We stopped at the caverns on the way home from the tournament. I didn't realize my younger kids had never been. Of course it didn't really occur to me that while nine months pregnant I might not totally enjoy a hike up the side of the mountain in really bright sun and 100 degree heat and then a few hours crawling around and ducking through caves. It wasn't too bad though, and at least the caves are nice and cool.

I discovered Lex has still not totally grown out of his stubbornness which often made me not want to bring him in public or on any sort of adventures. He did sit down half way up to the top and just said it was too hot and he wasn't doing it. Azia did eventually convince him to keep going, which was good since I didn't have Israel to just pick him up and carry him up the rest of the hill and I wasn't really feeling excited about that either. Once we got in the caves he was pretty excited though. Then the challenge was reminding him he couldn't just run through the entire thing, passing up our guide or climb on all the formations off to the sides of the trails.

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