First Snow

  “The first fall of snow is not only an event, 
it is a magical event. 
You go to bed in one kind of a world 
and wake up in another quite different, 
and if this is not enchantment 
then where is it to be found?”

~J.B. Priestley

I love our seasons.

 And one of the best parts is always the first snow.

There's not a whole lot of daylight left after kids get home from school now.

Luckily, the big snow perfectly coincided with the end of the school day, so they had enough time to dig out some somewhat warmer clothing (not quite the "real" winter snow pants and hats and such yet but at least long pants and warm jackets) and run out into the falling flakes.

"It's the REAL snow, Mom!" Zoran yelled at me as he and the boys were quickly trying to gather snow wear and get outside.

"You know, the REAL kind, that kind that just keeps coming down and covering everything and you can pick it up and pack it together and make stuff! The REAL kind!"

No more of the white-ish sleet or thick frost in the morning pretending they'll soon be "real" snow. 

It was so exciting they really did just run through it for about a half an hour. 

Zoran walking on his hands (and about to crash) into the snow.

Running, flipping, somersaults . . .  just enjoying the snow at a fast-forward sort of pace.

While we were out in the yard the boys kept running in to get things or switch out gloves and add winter supplies. Every time I looked back at the house the door was open. 

So maybe we've not quite adjusted to winter yet. Or maybe even fall.

When Iyezk and Bryce got ready to go home for dinner I saw the pile of clothes they were wearing beside the door.  When I looked outside, I saw them running home—back in their tennis shoes; no coats, hats or gloves; Bryce in shorts.

 I went to tell them they needed to wear warmer clothes now it was winter.

And then I realized I was standing bareboot in the snow.

Like I said, still adjusting. 

Adjusting, but enjoying the adjustment. 

If I live in Montana it just seems right to be buried in snow from Thanksgiving to New Years.


  1. They looked as if they were having a blast. I can't wait till our first snowfall here. I love the shot of your bare feet in that snow. I actually laughed out loud when I got to that one. :)

  2. Man! It's snowing there already huh? It snowed where I live but didn't stick. Winter is comnig fast!

  3. How delightful- package some up & send it on out this way! :)

  4. How how beautiful! LOVE seeing the snow pic's, grew up in Michigan and now live in Florida. Don't miss the 5-6 months of winter, but do miss the "first" snow fall:)

    Stay warm!

    God Bless,