Starting off Spring at the Bison Range

Well Sunday wasn't quite as beautiful a day as Saturday (which was the official first day of Spring) but it was pretty nice. Our First of Spring Bison Range Sunday Afternoon Picnic seems to be becoming an annual event. 

Todd didn't make it this year. For a few moments we were worried there might not be any food grilled, but others did figure it out so we didn't all have to starve. Or only eat cookies and chips.
Some cousins resting on the log after a few laps around the pond: Kenzie, Lex, Maysa, Jenna, Ahni, Iyezk, and Paisely.  

Paisely is a very big helper. She followed Lex around and kept him in line and out of trouble (and consoled him each time he crashed)  for most of the afternoon. It really is sort of an exhausting job--sometimes I try it myself. She really did a pretty good job.
The sister wagon. 
Jenna & Maysa

Pretty Paisley.

Despite Zoran's weird OCD tendencies, for some reason it doesn't bother him to wear shoes that don't match. This seems like it would be much more troubling than having the seams in your socks crooked or the pant legs not pulled equally and evenly over both shoes, but apparently not. I guess this is just one of the many things I don't understand about Zoran. He did try to explain to me that they DO match--can't I see the same stripes on both of them?? Maybe it's just less stressful than trying to find two shoes that actually match. That is an ongoing problem for him.
Aiden, almost 4 months


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