March 22, 2010: Rollers

Azia just remembered yesterday that she had these curlers in my bathroom. These things always remind me of my Grandma Elda. I don't think she ever used these kind of rollers, but she'd put them (or rags) in my hair when ever I'd spend the night with her when I was Azia's age. Every Saturday afternoon she'd do her own hair so it would look good for church the next day. Of course that meant she spent most of Saturday wearing curlers around with a scarf tied around them.

Grandma has never curled Azia's hair, but I sometimes understand why she's so fond of Azia.  According to Grandma girls should just do things like curl their hair; Azia agrees. Being able to curl her hair was one of the reasons she got her hair cut fairly short a few years ago. She loved putting it these curlers and having bouncy ringlets.  Of course Grandma prefers long hair, but once Azia's is long there is just too much of it & it's too thick and heavy to curl. Still, Azia's also fond of the fancy sort of dresses Grandma thinks are perfect for little girls. I'm nearly positive that if I let her, Azia would also carry (and continuously apply) bright red lipstick.

Last year when Azia cut her hair it was too short to curl. It might still be too short. And I'm not really good at things like this--especially when I'm out of practice.  It's about 87% likely that she'll look completely insane in the morning when she wakes up and takes them all out and tries to fix it.

She looks pretty cute right now though...curled up in a tiny ball, asleep on the big leather chair, with her scarf around her little blue curlers.

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