Israel, math, and backyard ballistics

So after an hour of working on his homework, I needed Israel to so some other work around the house.
"What number are you on?" I asked.


“How many do you have to do?”  

“45. I took some notes in class today, but they don’t seem to be working.”

So he sat at the kitchen counter for an hour, with his math book, apparently doing nothing. Or something that didn't involve accomplishing math problems. He has these technical problems a lot. When I asked him if he tried to look up how to do it in the book he explained,

"Yes. I signed up for the Backyard Ballistics class today. I wouldn't normally sign up with that teacher, but we get to blow things up. Once a kid even lost three fingers."

Israel, we're talking about Math right now. 

"Oh I know. I have the attention span of a chipmunk."

And then he crawled away on his hands and knees barking at our miniature little dog.

I'm pretty sure he didn't do any of his math. I understand that I should make sure things like this get done, but sometimes the gap between the type of student my son is and the type I am makes me feel more than mildly crazy. Sometimes I have to just walk away. Otherwise, in a few years I'm afraid I might be the one yapping away and chasing dogs around on my hands and knees.

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