Spring Picnic at the Bison Range

Sunday we had our sort of annual welcome Spring picnic at the Bison Range after church. The weather was beautiful the day before, and although the predition was a 40% chance of rain (and even a chance of snow I think) for the hours we were there it was really nice--breezy sweatshirt weather with no rain at all. 

Everyone brought a little food which means we had an overflowing table full. Gwen and Todd had the fire going to cook burgers and hotdogs.

The older kids played softball and the younger ones played hide and seek (or some version of it-- Paisly turned everyone into a princess each time they found her).

After everyone ate we all did the walk around the pond with stops by all the flowing water to throw things in and measure the depth. No one fell in any deeper than their knees and we made it back to the picnic area with all 16 kids.

Lettie even found a caterpillar.

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