You Capture: Water

We've been pretty lucky with water around here lately.

Not too much to be dangerous or bothersome like many other areas.

Finally warm enough to go playing in it. . . in ways other than in our raincoats & muck boots. (Well Lex continues to wear his boots most places anyway, but for him it seems to be all about the fashion.)

So for us it's been mostly water fun the past few days:
Sage enjoying Splash Montana
Zoran & Layne cooling off at the Fireman's Picnic
Lex honing his skills with the garden hose.
They are important skills to have during Montana summers.

Mom's Watershed Summer program students (and Azia & Israel) racing the boats they made in the canal in the back yard.
And a calm evening with (at this point) still slow-moving water running through the backyard.


  1. These are wonderful! I'm having a ball with my waterproof camera. :)

  2. Very cool shots! The kids look like they are having a blast playing and sliding in the water!

  3. Is that your backyard? Consider me jealous. These shots are amazing.

  4. Okay- I am totally coming to stay with you- what a wonderful place! Looks like you had some serious fun with the water!

  5. Beautiful shots! Love them all!

  6. Your photos are so awesome. I always want to point our my favorites but there are so many that I love. The last one is breathtaking and the one of the little boy and the hose is so precious and perfect. I have to say, I just love them all!

  7. great captures!!! especially the first one!
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