Day 261: it's way too hot to be outside enjoying summer

Lex, Zoran, Sage & Azia: Looking for the other half of our crew. (Clearly we aren't really focused on this task, but the other four big boys did show up right on time.)
It was like 90 degrees today. If I had known we were actually going to have a summer day I wouldn't have promised the kids we'd go to the waterpark. Apparently everyone decides to go to Splash Montana when it finally gets above 80. It was really crowded and almost too hot even when submerged in the water. It was even warmer once we got into our problematically no-longer air conditioned car. (Because it always happens that everything likes to stop working at once. I guess I should be happy Dev's truck is drive-able again?) The little kids apparently are not old & still like summer. They had fun swimming, settled for ice cream once we left the park (instead of $5 dipping dots) and then slept most of the way home.

Now I am planning to put out a sprinkler for the small children, go inside, turn on the air conditioning (which hopefully does still work), and come out until sometime next fall.

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