Day 241: Arlee Flooding

Daij and Israel and I went down to Arlee to help fill sandbags for a few hours this evening.

Sometimes it's really quite awesome to have boys big enough to do real work. It's especially awesome when you have boys who are willing to do it without any persuasion or even being asked twice.


  1. They are great boys. Lovely photos.

  2. thanks for sharing. Great pictures and great boys!

  3. What great pictures and wonderful kids!!

    Thanks so much for linking to Photo Story Friday and Give Me Your Best Shot this week!

  4. Flooding all across this great state! We haven't seen the Yellowstone up so high or spending so much time out of her banks as we have this spring/summer!
    It is nice to have big enough kids for helping! Looks like they were a couple of hard workers!