Day 263: all sorts of discovering

Zoran found another cousin yesterday.

It's one of those awesome things about having a gigantic family. You never know when another one will turn up.  He has twenty first cousins and all but a few of them he knows really well and sees most days. But that's just the start.  Before you even start figuring in his dad's family (which easily connects him to a large chunk of the reservation) both of my parents came from families of seven siblings. I have close to 50 first cousins. Add in second cousins and marriages and all sorts of other ways families come together and the number just seems to grow exponentially. So, he hasn't got around to meeting them in his first six years and there's all sorts of family out there yet to be discovered.

But today it was Evan. He lives in California and the only other time he visited Montana he was only one and Zoran was just a few weeks old. Now he's seven and an expert on all sorts of insects and plants and has enlisted Zoran to help him build his specimen collection.

And Papa's gardens are a pretty wonderful place when there is much discovering to be done. They've been busy here for a couple days already and I think they're just getting started.

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