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 We spent a chunk of this last week in San Francisco, a good weekend break, even if I'm still not done with my pile of work stuff so it still doesn't seem like summer. 


Still a few days of no work, good company, and good food does make the pile of never ending tasks seem a little better.


Until we tried to go home. That didn't go so smoothly.

waiting. . . and more waiting

And then back into the routine.


Zoran saw me leaving to run last night. When I don't sneak away effectively I end of with a trail of children behind me (or ahead of me if they come with bikes).

He just rode alongside me continuously asking questions.

Why are you running?
Why did you wait till it's dark?
Why are you on the track instead of the road? 
How long are you doing this?
Why are you going kind of slow?

I tried to ignore him.


It didn't do any good. He just continued to ride beside me asking questions.

I pretended I couldn't hear him. He didn't seem to care.

He finally stopped and was just waiting for me at one end of the track. As I was finishing I stopped and told him I'd race him back to the fence (into our house). It was about 150 yards away. I took off running and didn't realize till I was almost to the fence that he'd stopped riding. I waited for him when I got to the fence. He wasn't coming. I yelled for him to hurry up. He just stayed there. By this time it was dark and I couldn't really see him at the end of the track, and I started to get worried he had wrecked or was hurt. I jogged all the way back to the other end of the field. When I got right beside him and asked what was wrong and he looked up and said, "I'M GOING TO WIN!!" and took off pedaling as fast as he could. Butthead.

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  1. Love the pictures of SF! So glad the weather was nice for you.