172: New Bike!

Well sort of.

It seemed this would be a good photo prop, if I ever were to take the sort of photos where I actually used props.

My children don't really understand the idea of something not having a functional purpose. I showed it to Lex and he wanted to sit on it. I told him it wasn't really for riding– that it was really old. Then I realized ten minutes later he was dragging it down the driveway, and shortly after was annoyed when it wasn't riding as smoothly as he'd hoped.

Later when Zoran got home he jumped out of the car immediately when he saw it in the carport and ran over and jumped on. I also yelled at him that it wasn't really for riding.

He just laughed and began talking in what I'm guessing is his old fashioned, official bike expert  voice?

"This strange little bike is in very poor condition! Very poor condition indeed!"

And then he raised one eyebrow, laughed, and began peddling the bike madly in speedy little circles.

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