150: still winning

The kids had their last awards assembly of the year today. And Zoran won. AGAIN. He came home with a Nook.

I'm not even on board with the big awards for attendance to begin with. I guess if thinking they might win a prize gets more kids to come to school more often it's a good thing. But with my own kids showing up is expected. I'd like them to actually have to do something impressive or at least academic while they're there to be eligible to win something.

Yesterday we were just talking about how ridiculous it was that he's won something every quarter this year: New bike! Gift certificates! New scooter!

And then I got a text this morning from a friend who teaches at his school saying he'd just won again. Zoran explained to me that if his name was drawn one person sooner he would have got yet another bike. I told him the last prize was actually the best prize and that a Nook is actually worth twice as much as a bike.

He just looked at the Nook balancing on his arm and said, "Huh."

I suppose I could have a least taken this picture from another angle so you could assume he was already reading books on it rather than checking out Netflix movies, but lately Zoran hates reading. I'm hoping he'll like it again now that he gets a break from school for awhile, but I did just realize an hour or so ago, he can read sports wrap-ups and stats and all the things he always borrows my phone for on this. So, maybe I can make it a useful prize after all.

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