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 Lex is a pretty good tree climber which is one of those things that's both awesome and really not cool at all.


 Memorial Day was wet and dreary and actually just about perfectly what a Memorial Day should be.

But we don't really do the BBQ and camping and enjoying sunshine thing over the holiday. It's flower picking and planting and arranging and trips to all the local cemeteries

 (and there may be face painting involved. . . they have artistic older sisters. . .)

 with some Diary queen stops

 and a bit of hiking around the hills with a lot of family.

We have umbrellas and all dry pretty quickly so rain works just fine.

 Also, I think I may begin a collection of self portraits taken accidentally when the wrong camera is activated on my iphone.  Or maybe I won't because the majority of those are really scary. Who knew there were so many bizarre and unflattering angles from which to take a photo?


Israel graduated from 8th grade. On to high school. Since I'm pretty sure I just got out of high school a few years ago, I really don't see how that's possible. 

We had a bunch of family and friends over after the ceremony for a dinner gathering.  Since I've been working up at the college all Spring I didn't realize how neglected our poor kid equipment is. (You can't tell from this picture but there are about 700 kids out there... okay actually I think there were really only 19 under age twelve but it still filled up the play area!) We've got random toys and weeds growing everywhere outside and all the games they were getting out inside are all disorganized and missing pieces.

But if any of those other dozen teenagers wants to write a research paper while they're hanging out inside, I have everything we'd need all ready to go!


I have been taking real photos (like with a camera other my phone) but haven't uploaded more than one a day for months! Another thing to try to do better over the summer break. . . maybe I'll at least try to get some added from Israel's graduation and Memorial Day.


At the beginning of the week I got back from an ambulance call at about 4:30 in the morning and my uncle (who delivers newspapers) had left the day's newspaper on my car.  He does this all the time.

People who always think to do small things for others, that's still at the top of my list of things that are just always awesome.

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