89: Winning!

I decided awhile ago I can no longer say I never win anything– at least for the next year or so.

I won this necklace a few weeks ago. Since it's personalized it just arrived today, and I love it! I don't even have time to read blogs anymore, but I just happened to comment on a post I read while waiting for some of my papers to print a few weeks ago and a few days later got an email saying I'd won a $75 gift certificate. I've actually wanted one of these necklaces for quite a few years, but they're sort of expensive (for someone who owns zero jewelry) especially since adding each kid adds more expense. With the 20% off code I found online, I was able to get this free.

A couple months ago Zoran won a new bike. In December I won an ipod touch (and also won another one two years ago). In October we won an ipad2. Last spring Azia won a bike.

I've decided it's just good karma and must just be a sign we're doing all sorts of good in the world. :)

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