You Capture: Holiday Magic

It’s been a pretty magical (and busy) month so far.

I’ve taken a lot of photos, but haven’t had any time to organize or edit anything....so I just have a giant mass of images of holiday merriment.

But a few highlights before Christmas has passed....

The elf Izzy McSkizzy was keeping track of who was naughty and nice. Until Lex broke the rules and not only touched him but grabbed him and ran around the house (while Zoran followed screaming) and then threw him across the room. Mr. McSkizzy then refused to come back to our house. (Which is kind of the same as me forgetting to move him from his hiding place behind all the bows on the mantle, but I'm enjoying hearing all the kids make up stories about what might have happened so he may be off duty till next year.)
A mass of ornaments made and Christmas cards sent off.
Finally got brave enough or optimistic enough (or foolish enough?) to put up the  non-plastic, non-child friendly nativity last week and it isn't broken yet.  And I probably just jinxed myself writing that.
Zoran had some talks with Santa.
Aodhan got to know him a little.
And Lex tried to figure out a way to steal all his loot.

Of course there was some Gingerbread house making.
and a handful of Christmas programs and concerts to preform in.
And our snow came back...along with some blue skies....a perfect  Christmas weather combination.

And still so much to do in the next few hours. Off to wrap and bake and sew (and hopefully clean at some point!) and maybe fit in some sledding while keeping all the children from causing any holiday catastrophes in the process.



  1. Oh, you have the willow tree nativity! I am so jealous :)

    I looove the first shot as well, so precious!

  2. Oh, that top photo is great and I love the bokeh in your gingerbread house photo. And how cute is that candy cane heart?! Just lovely!