Iphone Dump


My research writing class has been working in the library the last week. It's about fifty yards from my building to the library. I pass this path at this time of day each time I head to class. Sometimes it's hard not to follow it.


Lex. In the middle of the constant chaos he creates. Destroyed room, bed broken in half, letters on his wall askew.

I  wish he'd stop doing things like this.


When I picked up the boys from school Thursday they already had a plan to stop at the gas station for gumballs on the way home. Iyezk had quarters for both of them and everything.


Dylan and Lex. Hanging out.

Lex was obsessed with his skull long johns for about 4 days at the beginning of the week. He'd sleep in them at night and then put them on again and wear them around all evening once he came home from school each day. 


Hockey at Mission Dam. On some very slippery ice.

And Lex, in the car playing Angry Birds while everyone else enjoys the hockey. He really doesn't like snow or cold or winter in general.  He doesn't enjoy sledding and explains very clearly that he doesn't wish to go whenever we all go. He didn't want to go play hockey this day either. I bribed him with the ipad so he just hung out in the car for about an hour and a half, until I felt guilty about driving the boy into the snow and ice and leaving him in the car for an hour and a half.

He didn't seem to care.


Ambulance/ fire training that reminded us all of the danger (and power) of electricity.  There was videos of all sorts of electrocutions and even this cool scale model that fried small people models who got too close to power lines.

Not that I'd ever considered it, but I'm quite certain now that I never want to work for the power company.

I'd also prefer not to ever deal with accidents where people drive their cars into power lines.


Zoran enjoying some female company at the Harlem Globetrotter's game.

The girl scouts got a big break on ticket prices, so we got pretty good seats for a lower price than the regular cheap, upper row tickets. Zoran could care less about going with all girls. He knew there was going to be basketball.

And also, I think he kind of liked going with all girls.

There are some perks to having an older sister.

The girls at dinner: Keilana, Azia, Addison and Breeze.


Grandma fell again early Friday morning / late Thursday night.

So, after a ER trip to Ronan, she went down to Missoula the next morning for surgery for her broken hip. The "good" hip. She just had the other one rebuilt about a year ago and was just finally starting to get around again more smoothly a couple weeks ago.

She only stayed in Missoula a couple nights and is now back in Ronan and closer to everyone so we can check in on her while she recovers a bit more before going home.


And, Azia discovered  Pintrest. It was only a matter of time.

I walked in the room the other day and she was checking all sorts of things out.

"Hey, Mom, they have all sorts of craft projects on here!"

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