9: first morning back on campus

View out the window via iphone after my first class of the new quarter.

There are many things about staying home with lots of little people that are chaotic about mornings and getting everyone dressed and feed and all of that. Still, it's nice and cozy to hang out in your pajamas (till at least after the sun comes up) fire blazing in the fireplace and the world still frosty outside.

After this longish winter break it was so odd to go out to the car this morning– the world still completely dark at a little after seven in the morning– and drive away to work, the full moon still following me all the way to campus.


  1. gorgeous shot! what a view to have out your window!!

  2. wow! that is beyond beautiful!!
    i love it!

  3. Oh wow. I want to be there, too!

  4. If you are forced to just look out a window all day, it might as well look like this. BEAUTIFUL!!!

  5. Very pretty photo! Thanks for sharing!