8: sunday afternoon

There is nothing good about this photo I found on my phone except it sort of feels exactly like every Sunday afternoon lately.

I have all sorts of things I think I'm going to get done all week and they get pushed later and later until the day is half over Sunday and I still have a load of laundry somewhere under that body on the coach and spilling onto the floor.  And I have a pile of papers somewhere under the people laying on that laundry spilling onto the floor. Or maybe the papers are being trampled by Zoran bouncing around cheering for whatever football team is playing.

Luckily, I think Lex is here to save the day. He seems to be flying through the air only in his two-sizes-too-small underwear (on backwards) because, as he yells, "You can see my buttchecks!!"

And if you look closely he has a gun tucked in one side and a knife in the other.

Even if I haven't accomplished much today, at least I've been reminded never fly around showing off your buttchecks unarmed.

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