7: "Hey look, you're on my picture."

Lex showing KaNana the picture of her on the Christmas card we still have hanging up
Lex and Nana had a little reunion tonight while Azia watched Gwen's girls. Lex and KaNana have spent most days together the last few years, but now Lex is off to Headstart & Nana has been hanging out with her mom and her other female cousins during the school days.

But, all those girls aren't as much fun when it comes to boxing, MMA, indoor bike racing, monster truck crashing, and giant laundry mountain climbing. KaNana came with her purple cat whiskers and eyebrows drawn on and Lex already had his own Captain American shield colored on his chest, so they were ready to go as soon as she arrived. (Many of the other cousins just don't share the enjoyment these two seem to get out of decorating themselves with markers.)

There were only a few breaks in the all evening activities for milk and lemonade out of fluorescent straws. Apparently it was an evening that called for fancy straws.

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