6: a little documenting

We're going to attempt to do a simple family journal/ scrapbook this year. We'll see if we can make it longer than a month or so. It's hard to keep up any more little things like this when we're so busy. I'm trying to figure out how to build in some writing practice at home for my kids that doesn't feel too much like more school, since I'm pretty disappointed about where they are as far as writing skills right now. I'm pretty sure Israel is actually weaker than he was a year or so ago. Homeschooling seems like a more and more likely option at some point--at least for a few months to try to get them caught up again. Having a job makes figuring the scheduling of things like that tricky.

Also, it makes figuring out dilemmas like how to change light bulbs in my house tricky, too, so it appears I'm making Azia write late into the night by the light of a small lamp. Really, I just have no idea how to change light bulbs sixteen feet up in the air. I'll remember to take these sorts of details into account next time I design a living room.

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