flowers on their way to classroom delivery for Mom's birthday

We once again put our Valentine making off till the night before, though the kids had fun perusing Pintrest looking for good ideas about a week ago.

We've been thinking of trying these for a few years, so Azia decided to do them for this year. It was especially fun since we took apart her brother's closet to steal his rod, which we spray painted white to look like a giant sucker stick.

Her and a giant Valentines sucker:

Zoran needed specific cards for different groups. He did a sucker version for his cousins. Then he made these "blowing you kisses" cards (with bubbles and hershey kisses) for the girls in his class:

He mainly chose these because he though Kristy would really like them. I asked him if Kristy was his girlfriend and he told me not really, but she sure really, really liked him. Then he pulled a picture from Kristy filled with hearts and addressed to Zoran.

He told me every time they have free choice she makes him things like this.  So he was pretty sure she'd like these cards.

The boys got the superhero suckers like we made for Lex's superhero party.

Lex's may be my favorite ones this year, even though he made me crazy when we were trying to put them together.

We were going to make angry birds ones (out of craft paper) but then he saw Azia's and wanted ones like that with a sucker. But he also still wanted angry birds. I made him a version of this, but I was missing the green birds initially, so I had to go find those images. Unfortunately first I found a pig, which I guess is clearly totally different than a bird, but for some reason I assumed the same colored characters would be interchangeable. Once we had all the right birds I didn't have them in the right places so Lex showed me what needed to happen there. He was a little disappointed I couldn't make them crash into each other (and him) like he wanted and I didn't have a bomb blowing up right by his head, but eventually he decided this version was okay.

By the next morning he'd decided they were pretty cool and was excited to bring them to all his friends.

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