You Capture: Vehicles

I should have just had Israel do this topic this week. I completely forgot to pay attention to vehicles, but lately he never stops paying attention to them. He prefers the classic models, but really anything sporty or shiny seems to catch his eye. He snaps pictures of cool cars he sees and then goes back and researches them online. He thinks he's going to save enough car to buy & restore some old car. (The model and year changes every few days.)

We drove 1,000+ miles in our car this week...all 6 of us...probably one of the reasons I forgot to take vehicle photos. But when I looked back at the photos I had taken I noticed a pattern. Lex had vehicles with him in nearly every photo I had of him. He's obsessed, too.

So, walking through shops on the pier, of course he gravitated to the racks of cars. He then didn't want to leave.

Watching the Yankees play at Safeco and of course all his vehicles came with him.

Trucks are cool and he is fan of Mater (or any of the cars from Cars) but really what he loves is any sort of emergency vehicle: ambulances, fire trucks, cops. So, I was afraid he'd never come home once he saw this car with lights and siren he could operate at the Pacific Science Center.

In Seattle Lex also had his first experience with Chuck E Cheese (which was also the first time I'd ever been to one of those places) and of course, he spent all his time driving things.


  1. Sounds like quite the road trip!!!

  2. I really love the one of your little guy in the bleachers.

  3. What fun, the little guy is a cutie!

  4. Looks like you had a great time!

  5. All your vehicle pictures were great and were definitely enhanced by having your two adorable boys in them. I love the one at the Pacific Science Center the most. I think it's the concentration on his face that draws me to it.

  6. GREAT shots!! Love the boy with the truck at the stadium!