Seattle Signs

I saw this cool little sign stuck into the concrete a few blocks from the Market. Looking back through pictures I realized I was obsessed with signs all day Saturday, 
Some of the random signs from around the city:
I like this a lot. I want to keep in on my door at home.
I don't think this is actually a sign, but it was stuck on the front door of the business welcoming people...in place of any other kind of sign.

I may have wanted to do this before.
I also would like one of these signs for my house.

But I'm sure it's okay to take photos of the sign telling you not to take photos.
Yay, none of my kids were engaged in risky or disruptive play! (At least not enough to get kicked out.)
This isn't funny until you actually park there and realize the "cars may be blocked" really is an understatement. They park the cars end to end through the entire parking lot! I really have no idea how they all got out. (Including us!)
I like this too.

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