Azia's Country Girl Birthday Bash

Azia is turning eight and has been excited for months about her cowgirl birthday. Not sure why she decide she wanted the Western party, since she's never really been into the horses and things before, but she was pretty certain for the past month or so about what kind of party she wanted.

 My theory about the cowgirl party idea was that it was a ploy to get some awesome cowboy boots. She's been wanting some for awhile. And I suppose it all worked out for her...the new boots arrived a few hours before her party. Just in time to pick out a party outfit--cause all cowgirls wear their boots with camo leggings and fluffy pink skirts, right? 

We did make 10-12 invitations the night before we left for Seattle (because making them is one of Azia's favorite parts of the party planning) but neither of us are so good with the actual getting them out to people or inviting people at all. So, she brought a handful and a sharpie to basketball camp and her friends who were there got one. Then, she gave them to a few family people at Maysa's party that evening. I think we still have some sitting on the counter.

We had her party and Mom & Dad's since they have such a much better yard and Gwen's horses, so we made a little banner to go at the end of the driveway so any of her friends who hadn't been there before could find the party.

We spent the afternoon getting ready for the party. The kids made signs so everyone could find each of the games.

 They also decorated horseshoe cookies.

They helped finish frosting the barnyard animal cakes.  Azia liked the "sexy" pig the best because it had flashy eyelashes and painted toes, but then she decided to eat the sheep first since it was covered in marshmallows after all.

 We also out them to work shucking all the corn.

We started getting everything ready 3-4 hours before the party, but the 11 kids we had helping out were surprising unproductive. Okay, not really surprisingly, since a gang of children under 12 isn't usually the best work crew. 

The good thing is whether you get things ready or not, when it's time for the party, people show up and the party happens regardless of what got done or didn't. And luckily we see so many people every day the word gets out even when we aren't good at really inviting people...there was still quite a crowd. Over 30 kids....over 50 total. Not sure what the exact number was.

Aodhan enjoying a horseshoe cookie. He followed it up with some ribs.

 There was cowboy attire for everyone. Some of the smaller cowpokes needed a little help with all the knots and pins and things.

The menu Azia came up with: BBQ ribs, chili-cheese dogs, watermelon, corn on the cob, potato chips, strawberry  lemonade & root beer, and horseshoe sugar cookies.  (Dev insists his batch of ribs on the grill put my batch in the crockpot to shame, but since I didn't get a chance to try either, I guess he'll have to make me some before we can settle that.)


Lex helping himself to some strawberry lemonade. 
Azia & Madison hanging out.

 Gwen gave all the kids rides on her little horses.
Kanana doesn't quite ride by herself yet, but she likes the horses.

Coming back up from the rope swing.

Lex didn't want to come back up. Probably because he wasn't supposed to be there in the first place.

Dad was in charge of the face painting. He was so popular we probably should've had about 3 face painting stations. Mom jumped & and helped him so I think they were able to get all the kids painted who wanted to be--probably at least a couple dozen.

Mom found the perfect mirror for all the little cowboys to check out their face painting designs.

We had all the older kids running the games for the younger ones. In addition to the horse rides and face painting, we had roping, horseshoes, barrel racing, sack races, and tug-o-war. 
A handful of kids ready for their tug-o-war competition.

Against Eldon.  They won. He plans to train and then challenge them to a rematch.

Lettie and Ahni at the horseshoes game. I think that's the horseshoe sign. Our sign makers were ages 2-8. Some signs were more readable than others.

Kids picking out their trusty steeds to do some barrel racing.

I think Bryce had the fastest time, but Erich definitely gets some points for style!

Tami and Shane and the girls made it to the party all the way from Florida!  (Okay Azia's party wasn't quite the reason for the trip, but it was nice her birthday coincided with their Montana trip.) Poor Zoe was probably a little bored. We probably should've put her to work with the other older kids!

Blowing out her candles!

Lex only wanted his stuff all on long enough to get everything on. Then it was off to find the ice cream.
Everyone watching Azia's birthday movie:


Luckily Michael was around since I forget to set up the projector & speakers and screen outside. He got everything ready to go while the kids were playing games.

Paisley & Lettie off on an adventure. 

 Cowgirls choosing their desserts.


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  1. What an AWESOME party! You did a great job! I love creative and original parties like this. We just had a Toy Story party today, and while I like Toy Story a lot, I was kind of bummed to do it b/c I don't like doing the "popular" theme of the year and buy store bought items, etc... .Then again, I was way busy, so this sort of saved me from having to be creative, which was a nice break ;) I'll have to save your party in my ideas file and try to convince one of my kids to do something like this some time.

  2. This looks like SO much fun! Dad is quite the face painter. For some reason I couldn't get to the pictures on Facebook--every time I clicked on the album it would only let me look at the same three photos over and over--so I'm glad you got so many up here!

  3. So cute! What a fun party for kids. :) I am sure they all had a great time! Food, games, real horses...wow!!

  4. That looks like such a fun party. You had SOO many activites. I loved the pictures too--particularly the one of the her looking at herself in the mirror.

  5. Very cute! Love the outdoor parties!

  6. As a fellow cowgirl, this is adorable! Love her red hat and boots!

  7. Very cool! I love the face painting, that is some seriously awesome facepainting skills :)

    Thanks so much for joining us at the CSI Project this week! We loved seeing your party!