Azia-Rain turns Eight Today

How to be Azia-Rain at Seven

Begin each day early and eager
even when no one else in your house does.

Tippytoe on your stepstool to make yourself tall enough
to see in the mirror.
Make sure each hair is in the right place,
carefully apply the lipgloss you “borrowed” from Mom,
and end with a sideward glance at your reflection to make sure everything is just so.

Or avoid brushing your hair completely.
Use your spare morning minutes to play a few last games on your computer or DS,
hoodie pulled down tight
and Mom assured your hair is all brushed underneath.
Arrive home 8 hours later, bedhead hair still crazy after all day at school.

Shoes. Bags. Scarfs.
The more the better.
The brighter the better.

Dolls, slippers, dioramas, skirts, decorations
and odd displays and contraptions in your bedroom
made from shoe laces, paint, popsicle sticks, old doll parts,
or anything else in which you see potential.

Create Signage.
Make sure your world is clearly labeled: 

Move through spaces like a small hurricane,
a trail of glitter, shoes, paper scrapes, cracker crumbs,
wet paint, and homemade doll clothes in your wake.
Frighten your Mom with your creative use of glitter and glue.

Take very long, very hot showers.
in your mom & dad’s bathroom
even though you have a bathroom all to yourself
designed exactly to your specifications.

Be tough.
Know how to throw a punch and how to take one.
Show no weakness
until someone hurts your feelings,
or tries to brush your hair.

Love your friends and your cousins
and the vague boundary between the two.

Live entirely in the moment.
Giggle.            Enjoy.

Now she's ready to celebrate:
Azia's Country Carnival Birthday Bash


  1. Love watching your daughter grow.:)<3