InstaFriday: back into the swing of things

Zoran & Lex

Yay for brothers! These two like hanging out more and more as they get older. (And they fight more and more often and more violently, too, but for now we'll focus on the the hanging out and reading part. )

This must have been a long week. It seemed like it passed quickly, but when I remember back to last weekend that seems like a long, long time ago.

Back when we had snow. . .

Enough snow that people got stuck in our driveway.
Dev believes it's his truck that pulled him out. I think it was Israel and me pushing that had more to do with it. 

Israel climbing through the field in the snow
Lots of snow and lots of ambulance calls. This site in my refrigerator is an indication that I've spent many hours responding to ambulance issues. I don't necessarily have a Rockstar problem. I do usually grab one when we stop for gas after a call.  Many mornings I will drink one if I have one. But this last week or two I've clearly been accumulating more than I've been drinking.

One of Dev's friends from work (who recently bought a house in Phoenix) sent Zoran some presents.

Among all his many sports-themed obsessions is Steve Nash. A tiny, little white guy who plays awesome basketball. Zoran decided a few years ago he could figure out how to be like him. He's been a fan ever since. Him and Dev are trying to figure out how to take a trip to Phoenix.

Friday Dev and I both stopped at the 44 for dinner on the way home from work to eat and  hang out with friends since they were having their monthly seafood broil.

It was nice to actually hang our with only adults for awhile.

Dev playing pool.  I have no idea how to play pool. Pretty much everyone in Dev's family plays. A lot. (Except him)

Aspen and I had many multiple attempts at taking a cool picture of us. It was much harder than we anticipated. Better luck next time.

Dev and I also trying to take photos. Also more complicated than it seems. Though I think iPhones are sort of the new version of a photobooth.

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