Lex the Artist

Lex is very in to drawing and coloring and writing his name on things lately. He still makes many variations of Captain America shields everyday. (And he gets his siblings and his teachers at school to also make them for him.) The other day he was working on this project in the living room when I went upstairs to work. It looked like he was on track to make a pretty awesome shield.

And then I came downstairs about a half hour later and found him watching TV on my bed. 

"Lex, it looks like maybe you were doing something you weren't supposed to."

"No. I wasn't"

"Really? You can't think of anything you might have been doing in the last few minutes that I probably wouldn't be too happy about?"

"Um. Nope. Nothing."

"Where are you supposed to draw with markers, Lex?"

"Just on paper. I only draw on paper."

"You only draw on paper?"


"So you have no idea why I might be upset? And you haven't been drawing on anything but paper?"

"I drew one, two, three. . . three really good pictures on the paper."

"And that's all?"

"Actually, I drew a shield and four, five, six, or maybe eleventeen good pictures on the paper."

"Then why do you have marker all over your arms?"

"I don't."

"Well do you want to get in the bathtub and wash up anyway?"


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  1. Hmm, the tale of the Mysteriously Blue Hand and Red Arm. Too funny! :P