Middle School Christmas Concert

Ahni found a good seat in the middle of the isle

The high school and middle school had their concert tonight, and they both did a great job. I don't actually have any photos of Israel since it was in the fancy new "cafatorium" which is very small and actually about 96% cafeteria and only about 4% auditorium . . . if a hole cut in the side of the wall counts as a stage. So, I couldn't actually see even really much in the crowd of students preforming, but the overall result was very nice and Christmasy and festive.

It's really too bad I don't have a picture since of Israel since he looked so handsome in his Captain America t-shirt, suit jacket, Santa hat, and the matching Santa slippers which I've always assumed he must have stolen when I lost him in the mall when he was barely two (because he was wearing them when I found him 15 minutes later) and which only now just fit him. 

It's nice we still have them twelve years later so we can get them out every Christmas and reminisce about my poor parenting.

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