from a few buckets of cinnamon . . .

The only thing I got accomplished yesterday besides hours of cleaning (with no clear visible results) was turning about seven bottles of cinnamon into ornaments.

A chunk of them are going into little gift bags for the school teachers from our parent teacher organization. The other half was going to go on our tree which is still only partially decorated. It's all gold and neutral sorts of colors, so I thought these would fit in nicely. (Along with the half strung popcorn garland sitting in a bowl on the counter for about a week now.)

After many hours of cooking them last night and more drying this afternoon, the kids and I started painting them tonight. Then when I went upstairs to get the ribbon, my kids switched to fluorescent pink and vibrant blue "icing" colors. So we have a few that look like this and a lot that are much brighter and more specifically themed: superman, Mission cheerleader, Captain America. . .

They like to make sure I don't get too uptight about this decor thing.

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