Day 260: No, I did not hurry to his rescue

While I was out looking at the damage to bounce house Lex had just slashed holes in (with a piece of wood he ripped off his bed) I heard him yelling at me and found him stuck like this. For some reason he stripped off his clothes somewhere between leaving the deck and attempting to steal the box of fruit snacks he wasn't supposed to have from the pantry. He has recently added constant nudity to his arsenal of tools used to annoy me. The snacks he's after used to be on top of the bins on the very top shelf because if they are easily accessible, the kids will eat the entire box in one day (all 80). They've done it. More than once. He got them down but was completely stuck with the box wedged between his head & the shelf. He is not supposed to even be in the pantry because he does things like this. He also does things like dumping entire boxes of cereal and goldfish. He is largely the reason that pantry is such a disaster to begin with. He's largely the reason much of my house is a disaster much of the time. He destroys something nearly every day. Windows, couches, beds, clothing, ipods, drywall, bouncy houses.  . . he is really expensive to keep around. I would have given him away long ago if I wasn't so fond of him. I think he is meant to teach me patience.

After I discovered him there and saw why he was yelling at me I stopped to look for my camera and take a photo. I asked him what he was doing up there and why he was stuck. I reminded him he needed to leave clothes on and explained once again why. I asked if he had any ideas about how to get down.

I figure I should try to help him learn patience, too.

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