Day 227: Superhero? Supervillain?

It's really just too soon to tell.

This is where I found Lex when I woke up. Dressed (mask & all) watching cartoons.  I thought maybe he was getting an early start on all sorts of heroic deeds for the day. Then, he decided he was no longer going to be using the toilet (even though he had been doing so since last fall) because it was "just too high & too hard." That grossness called for a bath, and while I was getting him clothes he put both a lot of toilet paper and my ipod in the bath with him. A bit later he also broke off one of the kitchen cabinet doors and cut up the shirt he was wearing while working on on a project that involved scissors. I guess he has not moved beyond that cutting phase either.

But I'm sure tomorrow he's going to be more focused on the hero part.

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