Day 226: ambulances, preschoolers & dinosaur tales

Gwen and I took the ambulances to talk to one of the local preschools so they could see what it was all about (and hopefully be less afraid if they we ever have to transport them). Gwen and I are pretty familiar with working with preschool kids which might make us a good team for this job. But, we also travel with six additional preschoolers if we have to do things together so that increases the chaos and numbers considerably.

It all worked out though. Really seventeen preschoolers isn't that many more than eleven. Lex doesn't think ambulances are as cool as fire trucks, but they still have tools and lights and equipment so he was willing to stick around and help tell the other kids all about it. Paisley didn't drive either ambulance away mid-tour. So, all in all, pretty smooth.

This was also a pretty amazing preschool group. One of the little boys told me about the time he rode in the ambulance after a dinosaur bit his head off. Luckily it turned out okay and the EMTs apparently had his head all reattached by the time they got to the hospital. After looking at the supplies in the OB cabinet another little girl told me she was born in an ambulance. After the teacher reminded her that wasn't exactly true, she clarified that she was in the ambulance helping when another baby was being born. That was back when she was younger, I think, before preschool took up all her free time.

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