Day 131: Some Numbers

4:23  :  Time the day started
   7  :  number of hours my sister took the boys away for me (Yay for sisters!!!)
   2  :  number of ambulance trips to Ronan
   6  :  rooms cleaned and mopped (and I'm not going to count how many I didn't get to...)
  11  :  loads of laundry washed (and folded twice...see picture above...I left for an hour and a half on an ambulance call and I guess the 3-year-old was left in charge of himself. )
127  : approximate number of times I considered just throwing all my family's un-mated socks away
3 (or maybe 13...) :  the number of times I had small daydreams of living by myself in a little, clean house with absolutely no cheerios on the floor
  5  :  giant bags of garbage I schlepped out to the end of the driveway
54  :  amount of money in my checking account (in cents)
73  :  dollars in gas I put in my car
7  :  emails answered (Why is this number so low? It took forever.)
 17  :  number of texts I answered from Israel 
  0  :  number of midterms I got graded
3  : things on my to-do list for tomorrow. (I haven't even decided what these items will be, but I just really like the idea of limiting it to three.) 

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